Tibetan religious tradition holds Shambhala to be a legendary paradise of pristine surroundings and harmonious living.  It is said to be shaped like a lotus flower, framed at the outskirts by snowcapped mountains and filled with vast grassland.  Clear blue lakes and resplendent flowers and plant life are scattered throughout.  At the heart lies a towering mountain, in front of which a famed palace stands, encrusted with the five precious jewels of gold, silver, turquoise, pearl, and coral.  The shimmering face of the palace is said to outshine even the moon itself.


In the early 20th century, Western explorers came upon a town in Eastern Tibet of beautiful natural surroundings, diverse animal and plant life, and people living in perfect harmony with their environment.  They believed this land to be the legendary Shambhala, and went on to inspire the introduction of Shambhala to the West through various novels and films.

Bring Shambhala to your own outdoor or indoor environment with our skilled and inspired design, construction, and maintenance services.


Tsering Wangchuk Denma spent over twenty years immersed in the uniquely beautiful natural environment of Eastern Tibet. His skills and background combine years of training and experience in Western landscaping and construction methods with knowledge of Eastern philosophy. From a young age he learned carpentry and stone work, building homes and stupas in the traditional Tibetan style. After graduating from college, Tsering moved to the Bay Area and gained valuable experience working with established landscaping and construction companies for several years. He studied horticulture, design, and construction locally, before founding his own company.

Tsering is licensed with the California Contractors State License Board

as a general building contractor (class B) and landscape contractor (class C27).

Shambhala Landscape and General Construction is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. CA Lic. #908729