Noe Valley Front Entry and Garden

This project focused on revamping the front entry of this Noe Valley home, located on a down-sloping lot. New concrete, lighting, and a sleek Redwood fence, gate, and garbage storage area help enhance privacy and delineate the parking area at the front. Opening the gate reveals a lush front garden oasis, with flagstone steps and patio, Sonoma stone retaining walls, and attractive planting. A handmade custom Redwood wall curves gently over the neighboring home to provide a more attractive backdrop.

Noe Valley Private Fence-Enclosed Patio and Garden

Horizontal, wide Redwood boards make up the fence and gate enclosing this intimate garden space. Flagstone covers the patio and caps off the retaining wall (allowing for seating). Lighting along the wall adds drama and highlights the beautiful colors of the ledgestone.  Tall plantings of bamboo and Japanese Maple build to the focal point of three large stone column water features.

Glen Park Open Lawn and Ipe Deck

This huge artificial grass lawn slopes gently along one side, framed by plantings and a lattice-topped Redwood fence, and provides a large, open area for play and entertaining. A stone-veneer retaining wall provides some color and structure, transitioning to the deep colors of the durable Ipe deck at the far end of the yard. Copper lighting helps brighten and add interest to the space at night.

Berkeley Multi-Level Backyard Retreat

We transformed this huge, sloped backyard, previously consisting of mostly unusable space, into a terraced space allowing for maximum usage and enjoyment. Retaining walls made from Sonoma Stone, Redwood, and concrete help define each level and provide support as well as visual interest. Redwood decks with copper handrails anchor the base, while artificial grass provides a peaceful quiet space in the shade, and a flagstone patio caps off the top level. Multiple walkways and steps ensure each area is easily accessible.

Sunnyside Front Entry Garden and Fence

The entry area of this home was transformed from flat concrete to a functional and visually appealing garden. A Sonoma stone retaining wall supports the raised plant area and flagstone path, with steps connecting the driveway to the entry. The Redwood fence conceals a curbside garbage storage area.

Berkeley Fence, Arbor, and Front Garden

The decorative details in the Redwood fence, gate, and arbor at the front of this home provide attractive privacy. The gate opens to reveal an organic looking flagstone step stone path leading to the front door, surrounded by natural plantings and stones along the way.