Noe Valley Kid-Friendly Outdoor Living Space

The before and after pictures below are from a Noe Valley design and construction project by Shambhala Landscapes. The project involved extensive soil excavation and grading, fence and retaining wall construction (wood and stone), patio and stairway construction, as well as installation of plants, irrigation, and lighting. Finally, a treehouse for children was constructed to complement the garden design.

Cole Valley Stone Water Feature, Patio, and Redwood Deck

This serene backyard space was created around a dramatic central Palm tree and features a Redwood deck and Mariposa flagstone patio. A Three River ledgestone retaining wall and steps frame the central planting area, while Three River boulders and Mexican pebbles form a water feature weaving through the patio, providing the look of a gently bubbling stream.

Glen Park Modern Concrete Patio & Redwood Seating

The focal of this clean, modern space is the concrete patio, featuring custom-designed poured concrete pieces with Mexican pebbles.  Surrounding the patio, the lush green lawn provides a nice contrast. A Redwood retaining wall along the edge of the garden provides seating and elevates the lovely plantings.

Inner Sunset Rustic, Natural Patio & Retaining Wall

An inner sunset garden is transformed into a natural and peaceful space with the help of a Multi-Classic irregular flagstone patio, Three River ledgestone curving retaining wall with seating, and a weaving river rock stream. The Redwood lattice wall helps conceal the neighboring home and provides a backdrop for the plants and trees.

Presidio Deck and Peaceful Patio

A second floor Redw00d deck with storage space underneath provides great access to sunlight and easy outdoor entertaining. The stainless steel cable railing allows an unobstructed view of the peaceful Mariposa irregular flagstone patio and plants below. A river rock stream runs through the patio to a dramatic rock water feature.

Cole Valley Deck and Ledgestone Wall

A backyard deck retreat helped make the best use of space in this steeply sloped backyard. The Redwood deck and steel cable handrail provide ample entertaining space, while the Three River ledgestone retaining wall allows for raised plantings along the back of the deck. Redwood lattice helps conceal the large wall at the rear of the garden and provide a contrasting backdrop for the plantings.

Noe Valley Side Yard and Sidewalk Planting

The wide open wall space exposed along the sidewalk-facing side of this house was given color, texture, and privacy with large plantings of trees and bamboo. Decorative and practical Redwood supports frame the bamboo. A single course stone border provides a natural edge for the plants. The planting continues to the other side of the sidewalk, creating an attractive garden walkway surrounding the home.