Warm and modern outdoor living area

This unique space feels like a true extension of the home, with dark oiled Ipe wood finishes and extra details in the woodwork that provide a high-end, furniture look. Smooth concrete surfaces and artificial grass provide nice contrasts to the wood. The warm glow from the fire pit and step lights makes it ideal forContinue reading “Warm and modern outdoor living area”

Relaxing refuge featuring cedar hot tub

We greatly expanded the usable space in this SF backyard by building a large, multi-level deck that extends under the upper level of the house and features areas for outdoor dining and a hot tub. A custom outdoor kitchen island with Redwood cabinets, concrete countertop and a built-in natural gas grill is ready for entertaining.Continue reading “Relaxing refuge featuring cedar hot tub”

Restoring life to an outdoor paradise

Alongside a whole-home remodel, we completely restored the pool and deck area of this beautiful property surrounded by soaring trees. It had fallen into significant disrepair (see ‘before’ photo below), requiring us to install new equipment and lines and refinish the surfaces of the pool. The new Ipe (Ironwood) deck was built to incorporate theContinue reading “Restoring life to an outdoor paradise”

Custom driveway and pedestrian gate

We custom-designed and welded this driveway and pedestrian gate to complement the mid-century design of the home as well as the natural beauty of the surrounding forest. The galvanized frame finished in a deep charcoal features Ipe (Ironwood) accents. The large pillars capped with concrete provide warm light at night and ground the overall lightContinue reading “Custom driveway and pedestrian gate”

Hillside home front and back landscapes

We transformed the front garden and entry, and created a large usable space in the sloped backyard for this hillside home. At the front, the new stone steps and landing transition to a warm Ipe wood staircase and vertical railing/screen, complementing the style and colors of the home and providing an attractive backdrop for theContinue reading “Hillside home front and back landscapes”

A small, peaceful oasis

We transformed this small space in the Haight-Ashbury into a beautiful oasis, perfect for meditation or enjoying unexpected peacefulness in the middle of the city. We used irregular flagstone for a more organic, natural look, and added a rock stream through the center for interest. Giant Timber bamboo, Japanese Maple, and Weeping Cedar provided heightContinue reading “A small, peaceful oasis”

Added curb appeal & entertaining space for a Victorian home

This classic Victorian-style home was situated on a visible corner. We enhanced its curb appeal with new stone entry steps and sidewalk paving, as well as natural stone retaining walls to support ample plantings. With low-voltage landscape lighting throughout, this added vibrant color and lush texture to the home exterior. In the backyard, we createdContinue reading “Added curb appeal & entertaining space for a Victorian home”

Urban work and entertaining space

We accomplished two major goals with this project, building a compact studio workspace with a fun, modern style, while still leaving space for large artificial grass and patio areas for relaxing. The custom L-shaped outdoor kitchen island and floating bench help define the eating area. New horizontal board fencing and plant areas complete this extensionContinue reading “Urban work and entertaining space”

Family fun ft. treehouse and fire pit

This outdoor space is set up for fun times, with a custom Redwood treehouse tucked away in the corner, featuring a climbing wall and sliding pole, as well as multiple levels for hiding out with friends. An artificial grass area is ready for games and a custom linear gas fire pit with built-in bench forContinue reading “Family fun ft. treehouse and fire pit”

Sleek, modern space and lighting

We designed this space to fit the clean and streamlined style of the client, with the addition of full-length step and bench lights to add drama in the evening. Ipe wood deck, steps, floating bench, and fence surround the garden in warm tones. Artificial grass, stone patio, planting, and a gravel dog run complete theContinue reading “Sleek, modern space and lighting”